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Visit her online at KathleenFuller. Kathleen Fuller. Some believe in love at first sight.

But lasting love is most clearly seen with the heart. This book kept me coming back. What the Heart Sees. Reading Group Guide. Amish Recipes. About the Author. Meanwhile, Luke—identified only as a homeless John Doe—is in a coma in a Philadelphia hospital, where two nurses, who pray diligently for his recovery, care for him.

Months pass as Meredith struggles with her grief and new motherhood, but a young man, Jonah, who has moved to the community to work with his father as a buggy maker, befriends her. As a child, he nearly drowned but was saved by a boy his age with unforgettable turquoise eyes. Good women patiently wait in scrubbed kitchens, beside steaming kettles or steaming pies, drying dishes while their emotions swirl.

Luke eventually awakens from his coma in the Philadelphia hospital but has no memory of who he is. The nurses, who are siblings, invite him to move in with them while he works to recover his memory. He is attracted to one of them, Susan, but is reticent to pursue a relationship with her until he remembers his past. The sisters, who have long been enamored with the simple and plain lives of the Amish, take Luke on a trip to Lancaster County.

What the Heart Sees: A Collection of Amish Romances

Still he remembers nothing, even as he and Meredith cross paths. He remembers that he is Amish and married and rushes to Meredith. All these books are rife with mistaken identities, naive flirtations with the shiny objects of the world, and blind quests for authentic fellow believers. Violence is a drug-induced encroachment from urban places that lures and tempts but is ultimately exposed when God metes out His own flaming justice.

Good men—future husbands and fathers—put their trust in non-mechanical tools, family provisions, and honest labor that involves kindly gestures like pulling weeds or carrying heavy boxes. Their inner turmoil is finally stilled by declarations of religious and romantic passion from their perfect only mate.

Bonnet books may follow the same emotional arc as romance novels, but in both their implausible plotting and didactic moralism, they can also claim a more unlikely forebear: the books by Horatio Alger that, in the second half of the nineteenth century, served to reconcile a rapidly urbanizing and industrializing America to the timeless virtues of honesty and the rural hearth. But like their forebears in the Alger oeuvre, bonnet books give the whole game away in their conspicuous reliance on extravagant coincidences, mistaken-identity subterfuges, and other clumsy and implausible deus-ex-machina plot resolutions.

As Ragged Dick did, our plucky, bonneted female saints-in-training must ultimately place their faith in the random and freakish workings of luck. Weaver-Zercher notes another aspect of Amish fiction that makes the books popular among evangelicals: their unrelenting whiteness. Amish communities are almost without exception racially homogenous, descendants of a few hundred early immigrants from Europe who have intermarried for generations. That answer is complicated. Rather, genre fiction enters our reading lives as something other than a blueprint.

Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye ♥

Janice Radway, in her pathbreaking study of romance novels, Reading the Romance , writes that. So how does it feel to be an Amish romance heroine? Weaver-Zercher also cautions us against making sweeping assumptions about how readers read. In her interviews with readers, Weaver-Zercher found that women often see Amish fiction as a way to make community by swapping the books and discussing their lessons of patience and acceptance.

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What many would call creative flaws are labeled by evangelicals as artistic achievement and theological truth. Didactic morality may dictate the plot contrivances of the bonnet book, which serves as a sort of pluperfect variation on the evangelical themes of devotional purity, sacrifice, and individual salvation.

Being pure and long-suffering may stand you in good stead as a bonnet-book heroine—but it does nothing for you as a writer-cum-marketer of Amish-themed fiction. For authors wrestling with the publishing world today, the bonnet-book genre comes bearing inspirational messages of a different sort—and not all of them are encouraging. While Amish life may be retiring and contemplative, the rush to stoke demand for Amish-themed fiction is anything but.

Many of the bestselling authors in the genre write two books a year. Their glorification of a simple, modest life hardly deters them from employing every possible self-promoting technology to sell their books—in fact, their books pointedly eschew the very modes of capitalist enterprise that propel their book sales.

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The books seldom come as stand-alone titles, but in series of three, four, or six, each costing as little as four dollars. Fifty percent of Amish fiction sales are logged at Walmart. The first way to prove your expertise as a bonnet book author is to find some Anabaptists in your family tree.


Beverly Lewis was born in Lancaster County she now lives in Colorado , and her grandmother left the Old Order Mennonites as a young woman. The second way is to make Amish friends and talk about them or cowrite a book with them. The third way is to hawk your knowledge. Ikhtisar This Christmas, experience learning to trust alongside the Plain folk of Apple Ridge, Pennsylvania in this heart-warming tale of second chances.

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